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Why the abrupt concern? But in the context of the Gospels, the clear inference is this: of all, the Son is most highly cherished.

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So I have to ask myself: does my value system in any way reflect that of the Lord? Is there an evolution in the things I treasure to more closely mirror what He esteems as valuable? The Lord Jesus posed a powerful observation: For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also Matthew It forms the basis of a great self-diagnostic question: where is my heart, my passion? What do I think about when I can put my mind to anything at all?

Pearl — moritz Chicken Coop- giallopudding. Treasure Chest- annca.

Your email address will not be published. Value Is Subjective Certainly, great value can be located in strange places.

And value is also subjective. If you had 30 seconds to enter your burning home to salvage only one item — what would you take? He values humility; we esteem swagger. He values selfless submission. We honour self-governing independence.

The Strange Car (Car Park Parables Series)

There is nothing that even remotely begins to approach the worth His Father places on Him. Takeaway: So I have to ask myself: does my value system in any way reflect that of the Lord? Trackbacks […] that, while they might be occupied with food, drink, and clothing, they would be wise to make seeking the kingdom of God their primary […]. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Learn More. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter. For weeks he sat there, watching, waiting, wanting to get in there and his chance had now arrived in the form of some strange character with a shiny thing on his arm.

He bolted towards the door, the goal within his grasp, yes he could taste it, touch it Kudo turned to see what the noise came from and saw something yellow and blue with a lot of red all over it. He shrugged then went on to the others. Where will the conversation lead? Will they try and track down squidward?

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Will I put on pants in the next 10 minutes? YOU decide! So the Paradoxians went on to making sure everything was going to be running for the unveiling of Project What was this great noob war to spoke of earlier? Was I around for it? Because I don't seem to recall anything about hearing of it or anything.

Rob: A great battle between some of us greater Sonic Paradox members and a never ending army of noobs led by the King Noob himself took place here a while back. The noobs tried infiltrating the sections left only for Privileged Members and above, but we stopped them dead in their tracks. Sign In Don't have an account?

Exploring Haunted Underground Car Park!! (STRANGE NOISES HEARD!!)

Start a Wiki. Kudo Edit Kudo continued past the signpost, the reason that he stood outside for about three days seemed funny yet stupid in retrospect Kudo: Hi guy's, what's up? Celest: How did you get in here? Kudo: Through the curtain overt here. Celest: A friend of mine. Plasma: So where do we start?