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Useless and baseless gender roles are used in this article under the guise of "research. As a young woman, I recall wanting to rent explicit porn films, either to watch alone or with my boyfriend. To do so, I had to go into either an adult video store and confront the displays that were being perused by men, or go to a "normal" video rental place and pray that one of my neighbors didn't see me as I sneaked over to the adult section.

When I made my choices, if another woman was present, she might remark "Oh you don't want to watch that.. I self consciously paid for the movie, avoiding the smirk from the checkout clerk. As a porn consumer, my choices were made in a fish bowl in which men were expected to swim. The internet frees us to view whatever we like without confrontation or embarrassment.

Most of the woman I know through online interaction enjoy looking at a man's tight ass, a nice big hard dick, not to mention other handsome or attractive features of a man. Many of us also enjoy and are aroused by a beautiful woman's body. Moaning, heavy breathing, and the wet noises of sex excite me as much as explicit sex acts. I talk to a lot of women about sex on a daily basis--perhaps a group of more sexually open women, but nonetheless, women, and we can't all be deviants.

If you look at the other comments, many are made by women--women who enjoy explicit sexual content without all the pretense of a Jane Austen romance. As a pro-phone sex operator, men AND women call me instead of watching a porn movie? Because they want to feel a connection to another person.

Many want a highly customized fantasy--one that's based on a particular type of relationship. I also have female callers and they are no different to men with regard to fantasy, needs, or even how long the call might last. As long as we continue to perpetuate this kind of silly mythology that women are all about nesting and child rearing, and men are just out to distribute their seed, I don't think we'll ever understand one another. These types of so-called scientific conclusions only serve to excuse men for depersonalized objectification, and keep women closeted about expressing their own lust--both of which contribute to the exploitation and oppression of women.

Nowhere in these articles do I see where any of the conclusions discussed are substantiated by actual science. Whether you are a single woman, man or couple, gay or lesbian I have been reading this article in addition to the other ones associated with it and honestly I could not even bring myself to finish. Oh my god what is this? These articles are so sexist and once again, descriptions of "how women are" are only being defined by men.

I'm not a crazy feminist or anything like that but I am pursuing a PhD in Psychology and the research methods used to compile the data used by Ogas and Gaddam were mainly online surveys which are not reliable especially because they cannot determine causation. And when you random sample, that means that every person in a population has an equal chance of being chosen to participate in the study.

Since feel free to correct me Ogas and Gaddam only used people online, people who have no access to the internet, or unable to use the internet in some way had no equal chance of being included in the study. That being said, all of O and G's findings can then only be generalized to the million people examined, it CANNOT be used to generalize to all men and women. Third and most importantly, this study did not go before the institutional review board.

That is the board that every scientific experiment needs to go through to be validated to ensure that people's ethical rights were not violated and to ensure that the research methods used are valid and adhere to the rules of psychological testing. This is why their work is not currently found in true scholastic journals of the psychological research community. This is in no way undermining the work that these men put in, but their research methods were flawed and the conclusions drawn are very serious as they are trying to explain innate sexual desires of men and women.

They need to go back, re-do the study, compare it wit findings of similar studies that have been conducted, and then get is approved by the board. Then I can begin to take this article seriously. This work is not revolutionary and will never be assigned to be read or studied seriously in any scholastic setting unless it gets verified first.

As for my personal opinion, this does not describe me at all. I guess I am a man because I hate cheesy erotic romance novels and soft core porn.

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I like sex, and some pretty hardcore stuff that does at times only serves the purpose of turning women into sexual slave objects. This research that this article has drawn on seems to largely be an effort to confirm these preconceived feminine and masculine sexual differences that are prevalent in American society today. What about the porn and yes porn not erotica wtf preferences of different women around the world?

And, there was no mention of the female population that is into male type porn" and vice versa because believe me, if they truly looked at over million people, not every single male and not every single female fell perfectly into these two categories, that never happens in psychological research. This issue was not even brought up with any good counter explanation.

Picta Metric Porfile Analyze

The goal of research is to provide an airtight thesis that is hard to negate, and in order to do that researchers are supposed to come up, to the best of their abilities, with every possible notion that could go against their claims. Well in this case the most obvious one is what about the men and women who do not fit into either category? Sadly, the average human population understandably has little to no knowledge of any of these things I have brought up, so just by the researchers deciding to omit it and only display results that confirm their own ideas, people are just continuing to be misled about the differences between men and women.

Goodness that was long and I'm sorry I got carried away. Still have a lot to say but I'm tired of typing. Thanks for reading my rant. I am 24, heterosexual, and female. I am not aroused by romantic novels. I, like the majority of women in my generation, masturbate regularly and began watching porn as an adolescent. I can say with total confidence that women who tell you they don't watch porn are either outliers which is fine or lying due to pressure.

5 Books Making News This Week: Erotic Adventures and the End of the World

Women are watching porn at almost the same rate as men. And not just "soft-core" porn. I began watching it for the same reason a male might: access to an unbridled fantasy world, graphic depictions, and the revelation that watching led to more intense orgasm with less effort. I believe this article is based on a misunderstanding of pornography in general.

It assumes that heterosexual men are watching porn solely for the female anatomy.

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This is not the case. Heterosexual men often watch phallic scenes where a female is not very present. They do this because their are relating to the male. Others like scenarios depicting younger women who are intelligent and shy.

Others seek out maternal figures. When it comes to porn, men are equally interested in character and situation as they are in anatomy and specific acts to transpire. Further, I can emphatically tell you that I am not interested in character traits when seeking out porn. If so desired I can impose those traits onto the person I am watching, anyway.

All I need is a female character that I can identify with my age, body type. Then, of course, the person has to be placed in whatever sexual situations and acts that I happen to be interested in. I'm happy there are so many women willing to share their true experiences with pornogaphy.

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The sad part is that Seltzer is likely to never listen. These articles always leave me feeling inadequate. When your just an average guy, you stand no chance with women.

Yes, I am married now for 24 years but believe me, I am surprised based on everything I have ever read or experienced, why the hell anyone would want to marry me. I make great money, am a good father and all, but nonetheless, there are so many males preferred over a guy like me. I guess I am just lucky. I googled for it but no dice. Hoping it's out there under a different title? Just the title made me pause. It would answer some questions for me, as someone who has tended to live out those fantasies - well, mine are not so dark.

They are nonetheless quite sad [emotionally masochistic]. Exploring these fully [in a relationship of one year duration] was enough to kill them - forever! And make me move on to healthier 'fantasies' and so: Possibilities. Women who are looking for sexual release watch porn -- just like men! Moreover, plenty of women just watch the same porn guys do.

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I might grab her wrists or her arms and squeeze tighter and tighter..