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For example, given the clue 'where a university student may study,' the answer would be 'college library. This week's on-air puzzle is an extension of last week's challenge in which a group of letters and symbols represent a familiar word or phrase. Rearrange the letters of one word to get a rhyme of the other word. Will Shortz Accentuate The Positive A "dactyl" is a metrical foot in three syllables, accented on the first syllable, like "Anderson.

For each word given, take two consecutive letters in that word and change them to one letter to name a country. Will Shortz Divide And Conquer Every answer is a six-letter word, name or phrase in which the first five letters read backward and forward the same.

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In other words, if you drop the last letter, what's left will be a palindrome. Will Shortz Initial Here Every answer today is a familiar two-word phrase or name with the initials 'E' and 'S. Each of the words has two syllables. The first vowel sound in the first word is a short 'I. Plenty This week, Will Shortz's game involves famous people whose last names are used to finish a sentence - only the names have been turned into anagrams.

Take, for example, the sentence "Andre is a gas.

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The third and fourth letters of the first word must be the first 2 letters of the response. For example, for "fashion," the answer would be "show. The challenge is to add an EE sound at the end of the first word to get the second word. Example: For "A person with a bank account" and "tasty" - the answer would be "saver" and "savory. For example, if the category is two-syllable girls' names, the answer might be, Lila, Irene, Georgette, Holly and Tina. Given three words, you give a word that can follow each to give a familiar two word phrase. The answer will always be a football term.

For example, if the clue is "year, tag and dead," the answer would be "end. Given an anagram, the contestant names the school.

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For example, if the clue is "lay" plus "e," the answer is "Yale. Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase with the initials J. For example, if the clue is "going for a spin in a stolen car," the answer would be "joy ride. For example, if the clue is "Woody Allen movie," the answer is "Bananas. Fill the blank with the name of a vegetable that can complete the sentence in a "punny" way.

Will gives the names of people that you almost certainly never heard of before , but who became suddenly famous during the past 12 months. Every answer is a familiar phrase in the form blank to blank, as in "bored to tears. For example, if the clue is "restraining device with a diagonal strap across the chest," the answer would be "shoulder harness. Rearrange the letters to get a new word that starts with the letter "I. The person's last name is a plural noun that is part of a category. The clues are the person's first name and the category of the last name.

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For example, if the clues are 'Britney' and 'weapons,' the answer is 'Britney Spears,' because spears are weapons. Specifically, the letters N-E will end the first word, and T will start the second. For example, if the clue is "cause of a breakdown on the road," the answer would be "engine trouble. Will talks about his recent trip to Turkey, and the account has a number of intentional errors. Every time there's an error of fact, logic or word usage, the player says 'blob.

Fill in the blanks with two words that complete the phrase.

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But here's the twist: The words that complete the sentence are homophones of the words in the answer phrase. It's FREE!!

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Who are you? Insert the letters A and R into the middle of the first clue to get the answer to the second clue. Alphabet Squeeze. Given a category and something in it that closely follows the name of the category alphabetically, name the only other thing in the category that fits between them alphabetically. SuperPAC Puzzle. Every answer is a familiar two-word phrase or name in which the first word starts with PA and the second word starts with C. A Puzzle For A 'Guard'. Just Exchange A Letter. Given two words, move one letter from one and insert it in the other to get two synonyms.

These Letters Don't LI. You'll get clues for two words. Every answer this week is a pun on a well-known food brand at a grocery or supermarket. For each question you'll be given a word ending in the letter A. First 3 Letters Of September? You'll get a list of categories. The Answer Remains The Same. Every answer in this week's puzzle is a nine-letter phrase that's a palindrome it reads the same forward and backward.

You'll be asked to take two 3-letter words that are part of an 8-letter word. Name That Celebrity!

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The End Remains The Same. Given the first words of familiar three-word phrases with "of" in the middle and the same words at the end, find the final word in the phrase. Head To R-I-O. In the spirit of the Olympics, every answer this week is a word or name containing the consecutive letters R-I-O. Hoping For 2 Of A Kind? You get two clues for two words. A Swarm Of B's. Find a word with a double-B, like "rabbit. A Puzzle For The Patio. An Affair Of Phrases.

A Pile Of 'Para' Puns.