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The only reason this became a three is because I was interested in seeing what the new Quincy were like.

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I also wanted to see the Bankai of the captains although it's apparently going to be in the next volume. Damn it! Oh well, the new abilities of the Quincy was nice to watch. They certainly have improved over the time they've stayed off the map then again it's been or years; there's bound to be change And finally all the cockiness of the Shinigami disappeared. I like a lot of Shi The only reason this became a three is because I was interested in seeing what the new Quincy were like.

I like a lot of Shinigami but I have to admit they've got it coming. They're been almost just as self-righteous.

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And I have a feeling there's more to the intentions of the Quincy than meets the eye. Apr 17, M. Ashraf rated it liked it Shelves: bleach. The Invasion begins with multiple casualties in the matter of seconds They steal Bankai's and have the ability to use it That didn't work on Ichigo the why is unknown till now!!!

Tite Kubo continues in stunning fashion as the Quincies assault the Soul Reapers' homeland while Ichigo faces off against one of them in Hueco Mundo. As some of the books leading characters fall to the onslaught, it is once again up to Ichigo to come to the rescue. Full of the typical fighting you expect from this series, yet we still have some nice character development missing from the previous arc.

One hope this will continue as we reel towards the end. Jun 13, Shaun rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. The conclusion of Ichigo's fight with Opie, and I love that he shows how well trained for battle he is. I was taken aback by the slaughter of the Shinigami at the hands of the Quincies. I wonder if Uryu will prove to be just as powerful and on their side. My question is Ichigo's bankai: why can't it be taken?

Is it due to his unique origin? Much happened in this volume and know more of the war will come in the following chapter. Aug 07, Penelope rated it it was amazing. Continuing on to the next Arc, in this book, we come up with answers to questions left open long ago when Ichigo first entered the Soul Society and the brief was given on battle of Quincy vs Soul Reaper.

The disagreements open up to exactly why and who the feuds really were against and why people in the Soul Society kind of wince when they hear the word "Quincy. At this point I think I'm just reading it to finish the series. It's the same plot recycled over and over with a new villain always being stronger than the last one with Ichigo being the only one capable of saving the day. Now Kubo's not even bothering to pretend anyone but Ichigo can save the day which is totally boring and predictable.

Jan 16, Klyve rated it it was amazing.

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Absolutely loved it! Bleach is back at its best, although I wouldn't mind getting more information on the new organization of Soul Society May 19, Hut rated it really liked it. Kurosaki Ichigo fought with a mysterious quicy and easily defeated him with his Bankai.

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Soul Society is being under attack by quicies, who started a war with the Soul Reapers. The Soul Reapers are losing really badly, their population is going down drastically. A few captains used their Bankai, but it was stolen by these quicies. Ichigo was heading to Soul Society to help his friends, but was stopped. I really can't take it. It was devastating the attack and the deaths. The incident with the bankai was awful and wondering what they would do to fight the quincies. Ichigo is in a mess in Hueco Mundo and is unable to help his friends in the Soul Society. I can't take anymore deaths.

Sep 17, Nicole rated it really liked it.

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This is the first manga I have read. I watched the anime and just wanted to finish the story. So far so go. I will always be a fan of Bleach.

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This volume was fantastic; it's full of action and emotion. Looking forward to more! Sep 02, Sophia F rated it it was amazing Shelves: manga , angels-ghosts-demons , 5-stars , fantasy. Even as I keep reading, Bleach has not yet failed me! The new and unfortunately last arc began in the last volume, leaving an ending cliffhanger which leads into this book.


The enemy, The Vandenreich, the Quincies, whatever you want to call them infiltrate the Shakonmaku barrier to annihilate the Seiretei while Ichigo is busy being distracted with a battle against Quilge Opie. A little more information is learned from this guy, but not enough to completely understand the situation. He didn't want to go to fight the enemy, which made me completely suspicious right away , and 2.

Of course he gets a new costume and some new eyeballs, then becomes much more powerful than before. He pulls the Reishi everywhere to him, and even is strong enough to break Orihime's force field. Ayon comes back in play, YAY! I never realized that what I thought was Ayon's face was actually is nose Or is it? I think one of the Beastia sisters was killed, so they all went into hiding under another force field, but was also ripped apart.

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  • Ichigo comes to the rescue, and saves the day in Hueco Mundo by finishing Opie off with his Bankai, which for some reason cannot be stolen. I think it's really cool that Ichigo, although cliche in a way, has all the heroic advantages and each arc is basically figuring out 'why', or how to control it. The leader of the enemy army comes in with his comrades 'The Stern Ritter' and start blowing things up, and not even before the battle really started, 2, officers, 56 seated officers, and 1 assistant captain Kira Can't wait to find out, but also taking my time reading and hoping Tite Kubo will write faster!

    Sep 15, Cornerofmadness rated it it was ok Shelves: manga. About the only thing holding my attention is Kisuke and Ichigo and the fact he seems somehow immune to what the Quincies are doing. Bleach was definitely very interesting to read and different to what I usually read.

    I enjoyed the whole soul reaper concept and how we find out more and more about the main character as the story goes on. It's a fast read and is easy to understand but gets progressively more difficult to follow parts of the story due to there being so many different characters that can be qualified as important in the progression of the story. But will the darkness overwhelm him?

    Bleach: Heart. Pushed to the verge of death by Ulquiorra, Ichigo releases his Hollow powers. Bleach: Back from Blind.