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Businesses are creating a buzz with AR technology that makes shopping even more fun, engaging, and exciting. It also means bigger sales for businesses that help them to master a printed project that involves AR. To enhance the customer experience and engagement brands are trying to launch AR Apps to advertise their services.

Augmented Reality for Marketing, An IAB Playbook

AR solution in print media allows consumers to view the 3D design of the product with dynamic color and texture. This attracts the users to experience the solution more, that indirectly boosts the sales of the businesses. By adding a visual layer and add a game element, it is possible to launch an augmented reality campaign with an immersive experience. AR Apps for print media will attract all the attention of customers.

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As a result, it can make your businesses solutions look mind-boggling and more appealing than ever before. Augmented reality opened new doors for the marketers to create an effective impact on the customers. It acts as a supplement to traditional marketing strategies to engage with your potential customers. Augmented Reality in Advertising is helping the packaging industry to promote the product on a more personal emotional level of the user. It is helping the users to understand the businesses which make the AR App for packaging more personalized.

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It usually includes animated 3D-images or videos, makes customers feel, thinks, and take the decision. Augmented reality offers an immersive outlook to the brand that raises brand awareness among the users.

Those users who want to know more about the product can visualize the AR advertisement App of the particular brand. An augmented print ad in the newspaper may not make sense for a company with an extremely niche customer base — this decision should be made at an early stage of your augmented reality marketing strategy. The takeaway for marketers: Choose your medium wisely when launching an AR advertising campaign. Based on these requirements, marketers should explore different possible environments before zeroing-in on the right fit.

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  • Remember, technologies such as augmented reality may not lead to an immediate and measurable outcome. Benefits such as improved recall, strengthened market presence, and positive publicity are difficult to measure. Marketers should look for long-term impacts over quick wins when outlining augmented reality marketing strategies.

    Augmented Reality for Marketing, An IAB Playbook

    Customers in this region are avid smartphone users, presenting an incredible opportunity to connect with a wide audience, with a single campaign. Customers were presented with a new look card, which could be scanned using a smartphone to unlock special offers and interactive promotions. This resulted in a spike in engagement, with an average of seven minutes per session. The takeaway for marketers: When creating your augmented reality marketing strategy always plan it well in advance. Define short-term goals better engagement, number of shares, etc. For any new technology, it takes a significant amount of time before industry-wide best practices are set in place.

    This also applies to AR in advertising.

    Opportunities for Advertising With Augmented Reality Are More Popular Than Ever

    Driven by immense possibilities and exciting opportunities in every market segment, brands are eager to kickstart and accelerate their augmented reality marketing strategies. However, for a truly sustainable vision, marketers must:. Drilling it down to what publishers are earning, a study by Johnson et al. They must earn trust and find the kind of balance that assures consumers that their concerns about privacy are weighed against a digital experience that is relevant and under their control.

    Ad targeting today is at the foundation of a massive wave of innovation that may finally get marketers to the oft-cited holy grail of right person, right place, right time. Personalization is getting smarter and smarter, all the time opening up the possibility of hyper-effective, and hyper-pleasing, ads.

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