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Curious what your child is doing on their phones all day? From their social media websites to any possible risks or threats on their friend list, we can help you identify any issues before they become a full-blown problem. From teens bullying classmates on social media, to online predators, and also just simply recovering lost data — digital forensics has many faces.

Chances are you could benefit from our cyber-crime forensics lab. True Lies Investigations has partnered with Black Swan Digital Forensics, and is the only lab in the United States dedicated exclusively to digital recovery. More than likely your teen has a cell phone. Unfortunately, the statistics proves there is a high possibility they will be. So, regardless of if your child is the victim, your child has more than likely been affected by cyberbullying.

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Have a talk with your child about it, and then talk with us so we can help ensure your child is safe. According to Bullying Statistics , cyber bullying encompasses many different aspects of online harassment. From sending mean messages, spreading rumors via social media and texting, to coerced sexting or spreading other unflattering pictures - these things are all covered under the umbrella of cyberbullying.

What a Private Investigator Can Do for You with PI Jan Barefoot

Many times other children are not always your biggest concern online. Predators know exactly where the kids are hanging out in the digital world. Often time, by the time a parent becomes aware of the problem it is too late. Predators know that parents today have to work more and more hours just to keep up.

They know that your child is probably home alone in the afternoons. And they know exactly where your child is hanging out online. It can be nearly impossible for parents to keep up with the many, many social media and gaming websites that are developed every day. This is where True Lies Investigations can help you. We keep up with every site and can scan them to see if your child is being targeted online.

We can help you keep your child safe online. Sometimes digital forensics is not nearly so dramatic. We also provide services that simply make your life better or easier.

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  • Have a damaged phone or tablet that you would like us to extract information or files from? We can help with that. Maybe you dropped your phone over the edge of the Grand Canyon while you were reaching for the perfect picture.

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    Or maybe you just dropped it in the kitchen sink full of dirty water. Either way, if you have files or images that you would like recovered from a broken phone, we can help. Data recovery is important for family photos as well as company-sensitive information. At True Lies Investigations we can help with both. From cyberbullies to child predators, the online world can be a scary place for your child. While it may not always be possible to keep them away from the negatives in life, you can still protect them by doing your own due diligence.

    We offer a discreet service so you can rest assured that your child is only chatting with their friends and is safe from online predators. Our team of skilled, reputable professionals use technological science to identify, recover, analyze and present data-driven evidence found on digital storage media devices and in social media accounts. We can help put your fears at ease with our digital forensics services.

    I would love to talk with you some more about what we offer and how we can help you protect your child online.

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    Their cell phone is one of their first big independent moments in life. What is a background investigation? For example, a background investigation for a police officer applicant might look specifically at criminal history, but also at driving records, job histories, and references. A background for a potential tenant might weigh heavily on prior landlord references and financial stability.

    Further still, the background investigation of a future business partner would dive quite deep into their financial history and former business relationships. The depth of a background investigation varies greatly, depending on the specific need and budget of the client. Not all background investigations are created equal. And not all private investigators educate their clients on their options for background investigations.

    Here are some examples of when I believe that need generally exists.

    Nobody wants to become the next victim of a scam. Nobody wants to be defrauded out of their life savings. No employer wants to face the ramifications of hiring a ticking time bomb who wreaks havoc on other employees and the company. No parent wants to risk the safety and well-being of their child. These reasons and more all evidence the importance background investigations play in so many facets of life. Consider this list of potential components:. Background investigations should be wholly dependent on the specific needs of the consumer. What is digital forensics and how can it help you?

    It can detect insider threats for a company, identify information to solve a criminal case and even uncover fraud and hacking on your endpoints, servers, and network. Computer forensics, like any other forensic discipline, fits this definition with an emphasis on digital data.

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    The standards of evidence required by a court can vary, but more than likely, any digital evidence is collected, handled and analyzed in a manner protecting its integrity can be submitted in an unaltered state as evidence. It is very important the person doing the collecting, handling, and analyzing of legal evidence is competent and trained.

    Most importantly, they need to understand the legal implications of their actions. If these conditions and procedures are met, the evidence should be admissible in a court of law. So what does this mean if you find yourself in a situation where computers, tablets or mobile phones are believed to contain evidence? We will listen to your situation and discuss the best method forward to produce the evidence which you will be relying on.

    Our analyst will keep you well-informed each step of the way and advise you on which data sources need to be analyzed and a report will be created and sent to you. The end product is a concise, summary report detailing all documents phones, texts, deleted data, social media posts and call logs. Additionally, our analysts qualify as an expert witness, if needed. You will have the unbiased truth, substantiated by facts, based computer science. Our analysts will be able to communicate complex technical matters in easy to understand terms, without resorting to unnecessary technical jargon to make sure you are prepared to present the information in the most effective way possible.

    Back in , the Internet existed, but was still in its infancy with chat rooms and AOL being the cool new entertainment on the market. For those of us old enough to remember chat rooms were the birth of online dating as you know it today. So, my advice to all you online daters out there does not come from personal experience, but from a female private investigator who places personal safety higher on the list than most.

    The criminal investigations were typically very complex and involved documentation and analysis of the detailed data and information collected. The investigations resulted in numerous convictions for a variety of charges which included engaging in organized criminal activity, arson, burglary, theft, and insurance fraud, etc.

    Mark has extensive experience as a forensic investigator. Mark's accolades include having been nominated by the A. Mable Anne Howell, B. Mable owns and operates the investigation firm with her husband, David Mark Howell. The company has been based in Denton, Texas since January 1, and currently has offices in Denton and Houston serving all of Texas and Oklahoma.

    Mable has an extensive medical background working as a registered nurse in the north Texas area. In , Mable retired from nursing to work full time for Advanced Investigative Concepts.