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The first edition of this work on witchcraft by Robert Law. Edited from the original manuscript by Scottish antiquary and artist, Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe. With an illustrated frontispiece An extensive guide to worldwide currency conversion from Great Britain in the early nineteenth century. Shewing, at one view, any sum of foreign money reduced into British sterling, and British money into foreign, with those countries Eight volumes of this comprehensive history of England.

The first edition of this interesting look at the Pains and Penalties Bill of , of George IV attempting to file a divorce against his wife, Caroline of Brunswick. The first edition of this A scarce account of the preparations regarding Charles II's coronation. Containing an installation of knights, creation of peers etc. The information to this work has been taken from an original The first edition of this exposition of various authoritative bodies, to inspire political change in the early nineteenth century. Being John Wade's best known work, this insightful tirade was the expose that the nineteenth An interesting look at the life of George III, discussing his An extremely scarce record of the coronation of George IV.

With engraved frontispiece and five other plates. George's coronation was a magnificent and expensive affair, costing about , approximately 18,, as of ; With other essays, intimately connected with the Subject. With a dedication to the Nobility Two parts in one. One of seventy five copies printed Horace Walpole's politically fuelled memoir of the last decade of George II's reign. A fascinating contemporaneous account of this historical period. Three volumes of the work Daniel Neal's work, discussing the history of Puritanism, and its development from the time of the reformation. Three volumes of an original five volume set.

The second edition of this informative work regarding George IV's visit to Scotland. Illustrated, with five folding plates. The fourth edition of this work regarding George IV's visit to Scotland. With the bookplate of David James Benjamin to the front pastedown.

The folding A leather bound copy of Charles Butler's work 'Reminiscences'. Charles Butler's 'Reminiscences'. Charles Butler was born in London in A lawyer and miscellaneous author, he was a prolific A scarce edition of this local interest book on Ludlow.

With other particulars interesting to strangers and residents. With an engraved frontispiece of Ludlow. A very scarce copy of Edward Holt's continuation of Antoine de Moleville's history of Great Britain, illustrated with portraits throughout. A very scarce work, with only one listed in WorldCat Dr Robert Watt bapt. May 1, March 12, was a Scottish physician and bibliographer. Watt's first bibliographical A very scarce collection of pamphlets discussing various aspects of politics in Scotland between the years and A collection of works looking at the politics, A very scarce piece of legal history in the form of an act commissioned by the monarch George III.

An interest act proposing extending the navigation of the River Calder A very scarce first edition of this fascinating history of Scotland in its original binding, with only one four volume copy held at the Durham University. The first two volumes of this set A fascinating biographical work on Elizabeth Stuart, Queen of Bohemia, in two volumes.

Written by Miss Benger, an author who penned biographies on other women The first printed edition of this famous contemporaneous account of the fire of London. Edited by Lord Braybrooke using John Smith's transcription of the original diary. A collection of anecdotes of customs and manners from British history, written by J. Forsyth, illustrated with a frontispiece to each volume. This work is an interesting An attractively rebound volume by Hugh Clark, offering a introduction into the study of heraldry.

Rebound, lacking the title page and content pages. Due to lacking title page the date and The uncommon first edition of de Stael-Holstein's letters concerning political and cultural observations of England. Bound in leather with gilt lettering and decoration. In The Travellers Club binding, with their emblem to the The first printed edition of this famous diary, and therefore contemporaneous account of the fire of London.

United Kingdom - 18th-century Britain, – |

A handsome copy of William Goldsmith's work of naval history, with several short biogrpahies of noted Admirals and Naval Officers. Rebound in a quarter morocco binding, with marbled Complete in three volumes with a frontispiece to each volume. A uniformly bound collection of these two charming sets of influential Scottish historical works, with a informative folding map and many other portraits. Contains The History of Scotland by This is a very interesting and very scarce historical work on the marriage of James VI and Anna of Denmark.

A very scarce work, exploring the history of the cathedral city of Ripon, in North Yorkshire. Rare in the original wrappers.

Fifth edition. A very scarce volume in any form. A tourists companion A very scarce work of English history, edited by Nicholas Harris Nicolas.


This particular copy has been rebound in a attractive full calf binding. Rebound in an attractive full calf binding A very scarce work of British history edited by Nicholas Harris Nicolas, handsomely bound in a half vellum binding.

James Noggle

Handsomely bound in a half vellum binding with marbled paper A smartly bound copy of this fascinating account of the significant seats, castles and mansions of nineteenth century prominent noblemen. A fascinating survey, which looks at many country houses A fascinating historical and topographical examination of Edinburgh in the nineteenth century.

Copiously illustrated throughout with eighty seven plates from original drawings by Thomas H Shepherd A comprehensive work on the reformation of the Church of England. With twenty two plates across all volumes. Collated using the binder's instructions, complete. Plates are portraits of the key players in the reformation, the Tudor Monarchs, This historical work offers a very interesting insight into the characters The first edition of this biography about George IV, written by William Cobbett, bound as two volumes in one.

The first edition of these works. The first volume was published in , the year An illustrated work looking at the history of various colleges within Oxford University, written by the engraver Joseph Skelton. A scarce work of British history offering an insight into the proceeding of the Chancery during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. Volume III. Elephant folio. Printed by Command of His Majesty A third edition copy of Henry Hallam's fascinating history of England; complete in three volumes.

Henry Hallam was a renowned English historian best known for his first published work, his' A twenty volume set documenting the history of England, from B. Lacking Volume XX, which documents to years to A scarce volume. When the Chandos barony became vacant in the late 18th century, Samuel Translated from the original French A profusely illustrated set of biographical works discussing significant personages in British history, written by the notable heraldic writer, Edmund Lodge.

Twelve volumes, bound in six. An early edition of this important and interesting work on the abuses of church and state, 'The Black Book'. An enlarged and corrected new edition of this work published in , being first A book for children describing the author's travels around Britain and Ireland. With a map and numerous illustrations. A history of the Twelve Great Livery Companies.

The Twelve A two volume set of this fascinating work on etymology. John Bellenden was an English botanist known for his wit, and his interest in the history of English and Germanic languages. Direct from the library An illustrated biography about King William IV, documenting his successful reign and personal life, written by George Wright.

The first edition of John Russell Smith's interesting history of Kent, illustrated with two plates.

A fascinating and in-depth look at the history of the county A finely bound first edition of this collection of letters by the aristocrat Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, illustrated with frontispiece. Complete in three volumes A nicely bound collection of miscellaneous works writing by the important historian Edward Gibbon, with a memoir of his life. Illustrated with a frontispiece. A collection of miscellaneous works A uncommon account of King James I. A three volume set works exploring the history of Britain under several monarchs, bound in an attractive half calf binding.

Complete in 3 volumes. Second edition, with additions, revised The first edition of this very scarce historical work relating to the ceremony of the nobility and gentry. The first edition of the work. With a frontispiece engraving of Queen Bound in cloth with gilt lettering and blindstamped decoration.

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A Roll of the Household The first edition of Henry Brougham's collection of biographies and profiles on prominent men during the reign of George III. Incomplete in two volumes, being A very scarce copy of this interesting and concise history of the H. Royal George, bound with wood from the ship to the boards.

Early modern Britain

Bound with wooden boards, the wood taken A very scarce article discussing the Ancient Britons building society. A pleasing copy of this pamphlet, offering a look into the financial organisations of the nineteenth century. A scarce work of of British history smartly bound in the publisher's original cloth binding, with an illustrated frontispiece. In the publisher's original cloth binding. A scarce first edition. With a foldout plan of A very scarce work of British heraldry being a extensive index of county visitations. This copy has been handsomely rebound in a quarter morocco binding. With the bookplate of Sir George John An interesting compilation of the dispatches of the Duke of Wellington during his impressive military career, compiled by John Gurwood.

This work contains a selection of the letters, dispatches, A handsomely bound work of British royal history, charting the journey through Scotland of Queen Victorian and Prince Albert. A handsome first edition copy of this uncommon history of Windsor, by the renowned English Nonconformist minister and historian John Stoughton. Containing a fascinating array of lectures on A fascinating work of British and French history from the sixteenth century in relation to the city of Calais.